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Educational Textbook Company (ETC...) is a family-owned publishing company operating out of Southern California. Founder, owner, and president of the company, Walt Huber, is also a frequent author or co-author of the numerous college-level textbooks published by ETC. Walt is a licensed real estate broker, has a Masters Degree in Business, has been a college professor for over 30 years, and is the chair of the Real Estate Department at Glendale Community College. Walt’s wife, Debbie, manages much of the behind-the-scenes business of running the operation, and his sister and brother-in-law manage the warehouse, take orders, and keep the books, with the help of their daughter, who is also a sales associate.   

In addition to family members, ETC has a policy of hiring the best and the brightest to work for them, including finding authors who have tremendous experience and qualifications to back them up. We hire these seasoned professionals, who are frequently college professors as well, to write our textbooks. Their experience in the field and the classroom allow them to write books that  speak to the students on their level. We’re very proud of the clear, easy-to-read style for which ETC textbooks are known.

Despite its relatively small size, ETC has managed to corner the California market with several of its best-selling textbooks, including Real Estate Principles, by Walt Huber. We’re growing steadily, however, publishing a new textbook practically every year, and updating the books we already have on the market. Because we can do smaller print runs than some of the monolithic publishers, we have the ability to make changes and update the information in our textbooks before each run. This means our books are more relevant and current than most books on the market.
Some of our textbooks are national in origin, but many are state-specific, such as  California Real Estate Practice by Walt Huber and Arlette Lyons. In light of our success in this market, we’ve decided to expand our horizons to include other states – Our next market, for example, is the great state of Texas. We expect to publish several Texas-specific real estate textbooks in the coming months. We’re always on the move, so keep checking this site to see what state we’ll be covering next!

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